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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Great Canadian Genealogy Summit Team Gets Interviewed

While at RootsTech, the CanGen Summit Team had the pleasure of being interviewed by the team at the In-Depth Genealogist. It was a great chat and the time went far too quickly!

Next Genealogy 101 Course Starts Monday


Beginning Monday, February 15, I will be the instructor for Family Tree University's Scottish Genealogy Research course.

The course covers:
  • ·         Getting Started
  • ·         Navigating the ScotlandsPeople Website
  • ·         Digging Deeper with Scottish Libraries and Archives
  • ·         Emigration

The course allows interaction between students and with the instructor. 

To register:

Monday, 8 February 2016

RootsTech Interview with Forever.com

What a great pleasure it was for the team at the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit to interview Glen Meakem of Forever.com 

We had so much fun learning about this fascinating new technology that allows long-term cloud storage where the person uploading to the cloud retains ownership! The upfront fees pay for the long term storage over many many years. This is the ONLY cloud storage that is guaranteed for the long term and guarantees you retain ownership. 

Thank you, Glen, for energizing us and for this unique way for family historians to preserve their family memories and ephemera long term. 

Kathryn Lake Hogan, Glen Meakem and Christine Woodcock

RootsTech Interview with Find My Past

The Great Canadian Genealogy Summit Team had the great pleasure of interviewing Gail Rivett (Chief Marketing Officer) and Ben Bennett (VP Operations) of Find My Past:

Ben's favourite record set is the newly released US Marriage Collection and the Passenger Lists. Gail's favourite record set is the 1939 Register

Coming down the pipes, and of great excitement to all of us, is that Find My Past is working with Library and Archives Canada to have the records in their collections to be digitized and made available through Find My Past. First up will be the Census records, so look for them coming online towards the end of 2016.

Special thanks to both Gail and Ben for taking the time to chat with us and to Jen Baldwin for setting the interview up. What an energizing start to RootsTech!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Registering and Researching

RootsTech doesn't officially start until tomorrow. So, we decided to head over to the Family History Library today. But first, we went to the Salt Palace to register for RootsTech. 

Our Canadian Contingent selfie as Team CanGen poses in front of Salt Palace

Team CanGen: Christine Woodcock, 
Mike Quackenbush and Kathryn Lake Hogan

Salt Palace Convention Centre. Home of RootsTech

It was great running into a number of our genea-buddies today in the Salt Palace. Looking forward to spending more time with them over the week. 

After we registered and mingled, it was over to the Family History Centre to do some research. 

I decided to have a look at what was available for Scotland. I knew in advance that the FHL has some information on sasines. It turns out to be indexes. I chose the burgh of Lanarkshire where the majority of my ancestors were from. As happens, my eyes were drawn to the entries for Haddows. My paternal line. I know my Haddows had land back when. Easterseat, to be exact. In Carluke. John Haddow was a portioner of Carluke. I have looked high and low for information on Easterseat. Never any reference. I had all but given up. However.....TODAY.....

I found John Haddow, portioner of Easterseat in the Sasine Registers Index for Lanarkshire!!!

OH WOW!! What an amazing find. And what an amazing feeling! I was so excited I had to share. Thankful to the lovely volunteer in the British Isles Dept today who was nice enough to not only listen, but share my excitement!!

Now I can't wait to get to Edinburgh in May and get tucked into the Sasine records. I know exactly what ones I need to ask for, having found them today in the indexes!

Headed to RootsTech!!

The long awaited day finally arrived! Up and out the door at "still dark" o'clock. I loved watching the sun rise as I made my way to the airport. I made it to the airport with loads of time to spare so was able to enjoy a latte and muffin while getting caught up on messages and posts. 

 This is 4 year old Jake. He is a therapy dog and works at Buffalo International Airport. He likes getting petted by passengers waiting to board their planes because he knows it helps keep them calm. He also loves getting his photo taken.

The plane was likely one of the smallest I have been on. I was in a single-seat row and was able to get fantastic views of the lakeshore as we made our way to Chicago. 

Although the Expedia app said that our plane had arrived 8 minutes, early, it in fact landed 37 minutes late, We circled O'Hare for a good 40 minutes. By the time I got off the plane, I had exactly 12 minutes to run from one end of terminal 2 to the far end of terminal 1. United doesn't hold flights even though they were the reason we were running late and could clearly see on their computers that I had to run 17.5 miles to catch my next flight. 

I made it just as the doors were closing. Made it into my seat only to hear the announcement that the plane was going to wait for a few people who had to run to make the connection. WHAT?? That would have been nice 5 minutes earlier. REWIND.

Then, when the runners did arrive, they were told there were no assigned seats, just to sit where there was an available seat. Glad I paid an additional $62 for my seat!

Add to this that the very back of the plane was offered snacks/lunches to purchase and the three rows ahead of me, which were first class, were given a steak entree and home made chocolate chip cookies while we country bumpkins were given dried out pretzels and mouth full of soda. 

FINALLY we arrived in SLC. The mountains are spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. 

We had booked the Express Shuttle. What a cozy ride that was. 6 of us crammed into a minivan. I got the jumpseat - a seat I haven't fit into since I was 5. The suitcases were stacked to the roof and the walkers were strapped ONTO the roof! Fortunately we were the first ones to exit the shuttle. 

We had time to decompress, have a drink and then head out to California Pizza Kitchen to meet up with other genies from the Commonwealth. 

 My better than elixir Mai Tai

Table 2. Photo courtesy of Roger Moffat. 

A quick, brutally cold dash from there to the Radisson for a night cap with Thomas McEntee, Terri O'Connell, Shannon Combs Bennett and Jennifer Alford of the In-Depth Genealogist. Then back to our home away from home for a long awaited SLEEP. 

Already looking forward to the rest of the week at #RootsTech

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